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Name/Handle: Batty
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Reference: Former player for Lily Evans under [personal profile] gifted_witch
Other characters: None

Character name: Lily Potter
Character journal: [personal profile] lovingsacrifice
Series name: Harry Potter
Canon notes: N/A

Species: Human witch.

History: Lily on the potter wiki

Personality: Lily Evans was a bright and cheery girl who made friends easily under the watchful eye of her older sister Petunia. The two were very close as children, almost inseparable, until Lily got her letter from Hogwarts. Here the two took quite a departure in life and attitudes.

As grave and cold as Petunia became, Lily opened more socially and blossomed. She loved magic for all the potential it held. She could do wondrous things for other people and had a natural aptitude for it. Her giving nature made her a well liked student and earned her many friends, the closest had been there since before she knew what she was.

Severus Snape and Lily had a deep friendship, they stood up for each other giving Lily a taste of what it took to swallow her fear and be brave for another. This was a lesson she carried all through her life. She refused to allow Sev, or others, to be tormented unfairly and would step up to say or do what was necessary to stop it.

Before she starts sounding like some sort of saint, Lily had a temper and short fuse like a firecracker. Her tongue was sharp and wicked when she had set her mind against someone. She can and has formed impressions of people and been unwilling to change her mind. It took years to admit to herself that Sev had turned into someone she no longer recognized, and more time to admit maybe others weren't such horrid toerags after all.

She is a kind and giving witch, willing to help when needed and stand up to those larger and more powerful than herself if she feels it is the right thing to do. She also has a deep capacity to love; her friends, her family and those she takes into her life are all considered important people to her and she makes a point to remember things about them.

Lily has a sharp mind and loves challenges, she like puzzles and games that made her think more than games of sport.She had the favor of being able to balance both intelligence and personality in a way that made her intelligence obvious without being overbearing. A favorite with Professor Slughorn for both her ability in potions and her wit that drew others to his gatherings.

It has been said that everyone loved her, in their own way and that is perhaps the best way she could ever consider being remembered. Someone who inspired goodness in others. It wouldn't hurt if the mentioned she had a wicked draw with her wand too and could do charms that made people's heads spins. Sometimes literally. She was a happy go lucky girl even in the rising tensions of her time.

No one was as surprised as she was that she warmed to James Potter, the boy she'd snubbed so often. She fell in love with him and together with others built a resistance to The Dark Lord. Lily proved more resourceful and wickedly quick with her use of charms and hexes, she and James served well until they were blessed with a child and cursed by a prophecy.

The war hardened Lily, tempering her spirit with an edge of concern. Her usually outgoing nature was curtailed once she and her family had to go into hiding with a death warrant over their heads. She maintained the friendships she and James had forged with secret visitations and letters. Still they were betrayed and Voldemort came to end the life of the child he felt was prophesied to bring his downfall.

Rather than simply allow their son to be killed, both James and Lily took a stand to protect him. James fell first trying to buy them time, but Lily stood between Voldemort and Harry and refused to leave. Given the chance to save herself she refused to abandon her son. Her last words were a pleas for mercy for her child. When Lily was struck down, the love and selfless sacrifice of her own life protected her son and allowed him to fulfill to prophecy to defeat Voldemort.

Abilities: Lily has average strength and endurance for a woman in her early twenties. She is however exceptionally gifted with magical charms. She can produce nuanced magical transfigurations as well as a powerful fully formed Patronus. Lily can travel via apparition and if need be fight with a surprising degree or power, control and creativity of her spells.

Augment Skillset: Communication augment


[Log sample]

When she'd left the fleet she had only begun to wonder about her future, perhaps then it was fitting that she find herself here again after that life was over. The cool floor of the Marsiva was almost comforting as a homecoming, certainly better than the sudden cold and darkness she'd felt when struck by Voldemort's curse.

But what of her son? What became of him without her there to guard him? If he lived what would happen without her an James to guide him. James... he'd been valiant without so much as a wand to defend himself. They had tried, they both had. The best she could hope for now was a chance to ensure Harry was safe. She had returned before and perhaps she could again, and this time make a difference for him.

She knew the drill and when released from medical she walked, jogged a bit to exercise her legs. She would get her assignment she would meet her shipmates but she wanted to know if any of the former were still on the fleet.

[Broadcast sample]

Hello, uh.. I feel like I used to be so much better at this.

Alright, I was here, I don't know how long ago it was for all of you. For me it was years. But does anyone recall Lily Evans?

I'm looking specifically for Tyrion Lannister and Captain Furiosa, or Pinkie Pie. If anyone knows them I'd really like to get back in touch with them. If they've gone home I'd like to know that too. Or anyone who has heard of Hogwarts, that's possibly a long shot though.


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